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3,5 sterren uit 18 beoordelingen
2 okt 2021 om 12:33 Heerlijk broodje!
9 feb 2021 om 15:48 Vullend
30 jan 2021 om 21:26 Tasty food, would really recommend Mango Tango!
7 jan 2021 om 8:50 Erg goede bezorging, een broodje kostte €8,25, wat ik veel te duur vind. Rond de €6 vind ik het zeker waard.
3 jan 2021 om 20:46 Bezorging goed. Helaas was de sushi niet goed doorgekookt (harde stukken) en de avocado was niet rijp. Toch wel jammer als je je hoofdingrediënt niet op een juiste manier weet te leveren. Daarnaast kan je portie 'Groot' eerder klein noemen.
28 dec 2020 om 17:33 Chicken was really bad, too much soja sauce. I’ve been in the restaurant once and it was delicious but with the home delivery the quality and taste of the food was very bad. I couldn’t finish it..
6 dec 2020 om 18:20 Disappointing salad with little veggies and weird tasting chicken, and a very dry cookie.
16 nov 2020 om 7:37 I usually go for truffle chicken (either in a bowl or in a baked potato) but the last two times I ordered, the chicken meat was of such low quality that the sauce was the only thing that saved it. Please return normal chicken, it is my fav comfort food!
14 sep 2020 om 14:25 Ordered the truffle shuffle but Most of the chicken seems to be raw at lot of places and I am pregnant so was scared to eat it. Also called but they pretend it was good. Also there were a few brown pieces in the slaw. Not ordering again.
24 aug 2020 om 15:52 Never had something like this before. Ordered Salamango large, which did not have salmon. Terrible dish, was not what I ordered. No extra soy sauce, after they offer it. I made a picture of it as a proof.
18 aug 2020 om 8:42 We scheduled the delivery and they showed up just in time. The food is awesome so now it's on our favorites list
17 aug 2020 om 21:39 Portie was niet 'groot' maar 'normaal' , absoluut niet dezelfde portie als in hun restaurants. Het was gewoon de helft.